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Between the two of them, it's hard to decide who to cheer for. Jones is a wingnut and Morgan is a shill for the DNC. This is why we need a national Thunderdome.
The difference is that Alex Jones is presumably ours and Piers is decidedly not.

Lately I have been accused of being a number of seemingly unpleasant things because I insist on pointing out that the people promoting the destruction of this country are by and large immigrants, first and second generation technically-Americans. Of course, when I am accused of being a horrible mean person, the person doing that rarely (never) points out where I have made a statement that is untrue, merely unkind.

a sample of the list:

Piers Morgan
Cenk Uygur
Ana Kasparian
Amy Goodman
Noel Ignatiev
Howard Zinn
Arianna Huffington
Antonio Villaraigosa
Dianne Feinstein
and I will include President Obama since his father was foreign and his mother seemed dedicated to fucking her way through the third world.