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Tue Jan 8, 2013, 12:23 AM

What would the world look like if the NAZIs had won World War II?

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A superpower could attack innocent nations with impunity to steal their oil and grab whatever else they got.

Children, including the Homeland's own citizens, could be tortured and killed in the name of national security.

Secret police could spy on every citizens' public and private communications, associations and affairs.

Elections would be decided by appointed officials rather than the People, 5 to 4.

The rich would not only get richer, they'd enjoy immunity from prosecution.

The poor would not only get poorer, it's austerity for the rest of us until poverty is the new normal.

Ignorance would be the sole purpose of both the news media and public education.

Money would trump peace.

And there is Justice only for "Just Us."

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