Microsoft has had a feature built into it's operating system that I'm sure many here are familiar with, since the beginning of XP, it is called system restore.
You pick a date before either you, someone else or something else fucked up the system beyond repair and you restore the computer to the state it was in at that time.
We need this ability for after we finally get rid of this communist virus that has infected or government, it would be nice to roll back the gun laws, death panels, class envy taxation, welfare handouts, new entitlement group creation etc.... the list will be so endless I don't know how we will even begin to find the damage created.
I don't think this will stop until we are left in a smoldering heap after all of this run it's course, maybe we will need to start over from scratch, the people that created this state of insanity cannot be allowed to participate in the recreation of this country.
It is like watching a bad B movie.