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There is a train of thought that links all of these activities together under the heading of deviant behavior. At one point the majority of society considered homosexual behavior as aberrant but that societal view has changed. Who is to say that society doesn't change its view on pedophilia, incest and bestiality? If society does change its perspective does that mean that these activities are now acceptable? Why is incest bad today but OK tomorrow? Are right and wrong so easily transmutable now? If society decides what is right and what is wrong is there really such a thing as right and wrong or are they just fluid concepts that are determined by which way the wind is blowing?

Again, my argument is about victimization in a criminal sense. There is no victim when two consenting adults have a sexual relationship, whether they are gay or straight. Pedophiles and those who practice beastility victimize helpless people or creatures. If incest involves pedophelia or rape, it is criminally sanctioned.

The DSM serves two functions: providing a standardized tool for diagnosing mental health conditions, and providing "V-Codes" for billing insurance companies and medicaid for services to treat those conditions. If homosexuality is listed as a disorder, then insurance companies and medicaid will have to pay for therapy for every gay person in their program who seeks it.

As pedophelia is considered incurable, no insurance company nor medicaid will cover treatment for it. The purpose of putting it in the DSM is mainly for diagnostic purposes, and for prison shrinks to use for reporting purposes, as they are not billing by the case, for the most part.