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I will indulge the thread jack for a moment:

Your statement: I also have never seen such a study with methodology that I approve of.

Therein lies the problem. I suspect that you will only approve a methodology that validates you pre-conceived notions. Before you get all defensive I am probably also guilty of this. .
I already showed what I would approve. Compare apples to apples. If you want to compare the children of same sex couples to those of heterosexual couples, or children of a gay parent to children of a straight parent that's fine. Good information is at most harmless. But it would only make sense to try to compare samples as otherwise similar as possible. There is an economic and philosophical difference between people who move to the sticks when they have kids and people who stay in the city when they have kids. Wouldn't you agree?

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I never said there was anything wrong with your niece. Is there something wrong with here or is this another straw man?

Some studies show that when those involved in same sex relationships adopt or via in vitro fertilisation have children the children grow up with issues not common in homes with two parents of the opposite sex. In this case the are broad repercussions to what the two adults consented to.

Sorry, I missed the qualifier "some studies". I have no doubt that some studies show that. Any that might have the signature of the Family Research Institute, American Family Association, the LDS Church , Mark Regnerus, or Paul Cameron aren't going to be taken seriously. I have been debunking these kinds of studies for decades. I will say that while the blatant bias goes unchecked, the style has improved. I'm still stunned when otherwise intelligent people quote them.

The other issue with your post was that I was not addressing the validity of the studies on same sex parents. I suspected before you even posted that this would be what you would comment on instead of participating in the larger topic of whether acts between consenting adults have repercussions beyond the consenting parties.
If a person wanted to waste the time and money, he could easily prove that heterosexuals should not be having or raising children. Our prisons are full of the children of heterosexual relationships.