fried eggs (342 posts)

The people who rushed to buy assault weapons after the Newtown School massacre

are the very people who, in my humble opinion, should not own guns. If we required mental competence exams prior to purchasing guns, the vast majority of those people would have failed the test.

Did anyone see that completely unhinged gun nut on Piers Morgan last night? Can you imagine yourself or your child being in a room where he's carrying?
onehandle (32,940 posts)

1. If you have to have a gun, and are not in danger, those around you are.

This is why I want to know Who has guns, and what those guns Are.
LeftinOH (4,342 posts)

2. I agree. Anyone whose "gut" reaction to that massacre was to rush out

and acquire (more) guns has some serious issues.
And in their hatred they "pretend" that the reason people went out and bought guns was BECAUSE of the tragedy at Newtown School and NOT because Obama and liberals immediatly began calling for bans on all kinds of guns and racheting up the hatred of anyone who has guns for any reason.

There is a constant, running hatred on Du for anyone who has guns or who supports the constitution as it relates to guns.