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I don't support government ran insurance (I can't believe you want a government that can't even run the DMV right to run insurance, Gah!). And I don't support firing people for their political beliefs. That was a pretty funny letter though.

As for the political part: The retarded liberals voted for this. So whatever they get is justly justified... The wanted it, now they can own it.

I like the idea of a system that is both public and private. Many will still want private insurance and will buy it.

Truth is you have a big chunk of this country demanding healthcare reform. They're sick of the greedy, insane system that we have now. At the same time, you have companies complaining about their burdens (all the while they spend too much on a CEO and waste money in multiple areas). I bet in about twenty to fifty years, there's going to be a single payer system to make things easier on companies.