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Colts tanked last season. Anyone with 1 working eye saw that. As for who's overrated of the 2, Tom Brady has taken his team to the Super Bowl 5 times. No other QB in history has taken his team to the SB 5 times, winning 3. Peyton Manning has only done it 2 times. And while the Patriots won 11 games in Brady's absence, they failed to make the playoffs. Also, say what you want about the Patriots winning 11 games when Brady was out but Tim Tebow won a playoff game with the same Bronco team Manning lost with.
I really don't think either is "overrated". I think they just landed in different circumstances. ALOT of the Patriots success is Belichick. How many Super Bowls have the Patriots won with Brady slinging it all over the field? Brady took over a team poised to make a run in the playoffs. Manning took over the worst franchise in the NFL, at the time.

If Brady had been drafted by the Bengals, do you think he'd be the Brady that we all know today?