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Approx. 100 million eligible voters did not vote this year for whatever reason. Voting in the POTUS election was down by about 5 million

Romney lost by over 5 million votes because he said "no thank you" and "get lost" to the Tea party and libertarian wings of the GOP.

So if I voted then Romney is now roughly 4,999,900 votes closer.

It's time to hold the PARTY accountable and stop holding everyone else. I wish people were equally upset with Party bosses who put THEIR personal interests and power ahead of the country as some of you are with one voter.

Rock...love ya man...but your argument here consists of

1. Meme pics
2. Nuh Uh.


This is about getting our guys in gear to repeal this crap in Congress the way it rightfully should be.

What are YOU doing to make that happen?
I do hold my party accountable and I am upset that every non liberal didn't have as his or her main objective to remove Obama from office. To those people I have only one thing to say. Obama is yours so