Ol Stinky is losing it tonight...

Fri Jan 11, 2013, 05:35 PM
Stinky The Clown

Fuck the NRA and fuck the lying liars who speak on its behalf.

We all know the lovable Wayne LaPierre, the man who is so marinated in gunpowder that when he sneezes smoke comes out of his nose, and when he farts, flames come out of his ass. we all know he made a real fool of himself when he made that first statement after the Newtown massacre. Basically, he flamed out as the public face of the NRA, which was his job as Executive VP of the NRA, a paid, full time career position.

So these days, instead of ol' Wayne, we get NRA president David Keene, the figure head leader of the NRA. Dave's just as fucking nutz as Wayne, plus he has that pleasant sandpaper voice of a long time smoker, which also probably appeals to a certain class of mouth breathing knuckle dragger.

Anyway, Dave, today, sez that more crimes have been prevented by gunz than have been committed by gunz.

Really, Dave?

You're pulling shit out of your ass, Dave.

A big part of that "fact" is your complete lie born of bullshit. You see it that every gun hidden under some afraid-of-home-invasion-by-mythical-brown-skinned-inner-city-thug-or-welfare-queen-son with a gun under their pillow is a crime prevented.

You're fucking nuts, Dave. You're a fucking liar. But you're still more credible than ol' Wayne.

I think he's had a few.