I was relieved to see that "Lincoln" was not produced by Oliver Stone. God only knows what would have been in a movie directed by Stone, but whatever it would have been, it would not have been the truth.

So what was true about the movie, and what untrue?

Here's a partial truth:
In the movie, Thaddeus Stevens, the Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania, is played by Tommy Lee Jones. It is shown, but never said that his wife was black. Was she?

No. Not really. In the first place, Stevens never married. There was, however, a housekeeper who had one black parent, and who stayed beside Stevens all his life. She even inherited his money and was regarded by neighbors as his wife. Her name was Lydia Hamilton Smith, and when writing her, Stevens called her Mrs. Smith, as she had once been married to a Mr Smith.
She is described as "a comely quadroon with Caucasian features and a skin of light-gold tint, a Roman Catholic communicant with Irish eyes ... quiet, discreet, retiring, reputed for poise and personal dignity."

Not exactly the way it was portrayed in the movie, is it? But, of course they didn't really lie!

So we've got some real Lincoln bashers around here. Speak up, Bashers! What is untrue about the movie?