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I wonder how far this will go?
About three feet, right into the circular file, where it belongs.

This is stark-raving insanity. They're not going to entertain this grade-A lunacy from a grade-A lunatic like Orly Taitz. This would have more credibility if it was Will Pitt and Jason Leopold publishing it in truthout. Orly Taitz is a loon. Jerome Corsi is a loon. Accept it, deal with it, and go on with life.

Folks, Obama has done a shitload of dishonest stuff. He'd lied about damn near everything since long before he got into office. He's undeniably hiding a whole lot of stuff about his past. I have pretty much no doubt that he has exercised every possible advantage, including claiming that he was born abroad, to get things handed to him in life. I would lay dollars to doughnuts that he was, at the very best, a mediocre student, and I'm certain that he played the Black card as well as his made-up immigrant card in order to get passed in his classes at school, as well as to get into Ivy League schools in the first place.

But he was definitely born in Hawaii. That's simply not in question to any sane person. Chasing this is the fool's errand of fool's errands. The only thing that squawking on about his birth certificate does for anyone is make them look like a deranged idiot.