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Translated: I'm too much too an intellectual coward to accept facts and prefer to remain isolated in my Libtard bubble.

You're such a dishonest little shit Bridget. Always have and always will be.

All that bullshit talk about wanting to understand conservatives...all your claims about changing your viewpoint on issues...begging us to believe you when you claimed you weren't like the other Libtards and all the while using that as a cover to spew your leftist bullshit and have a laugh at our expense.
You don't like me because I don't buy your act. I don't feel sorry for poor picked on "aww shucks" Bridget the Affirmative Action troll...given membership here like a minority hire at a business to comply with the law.

You don't like me because I tell you what a lot of people here think but are more polite than I am about it.

Little misunderstood Lanie...Claim to take the high road...and all the while getting your snide snarky digs in and Libtard talking points posted yet again...talk about how you aren't going to respond to my posts etc etc and yet here you are...responding to my posts.

And you have the gall to insinuate that I'M dishonest?

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A few points.

I don't think I've hidden that I'm a liberal. I am moderate in some areas, but I'm a liberal.

The staff here doesn't have to keep me on as a minority affirmative action like hire. Nice of you to insult them while insulting me though.

Other posters here are talented. They're able to challenge my posts without being hateful on a 24/7 basis. I can answer to them. You don't need to be treated like a serious debater or poster by me.