And of course I mean the homeless.

I'm becoming ashamed of the City of Sarasota. We used to have the title of "Most Unfriendly to Homeless" but that has changed.
New Libtard administrations in the city have gone soft on the homeless and like any predator that senses weakness,
they have gone in for the kill.

The "kill" being Sarasota residents and tourists. There was just a LTTE in the paper today where a resident
complained that they went for a walk after going to a new eatery and they got attacked by an aggressive
bum that thought they had come too close to his "home". Home being a couple of bedrolls on the freakin sidewalk.
The residents had company with them and they were trying to show off downtown. The bum made a wonderful

And the police have been hobbled by the Libtard City Council that wants the bums left alone. Morons.

It's interesting, usually when you have a Dem in the White House, the homeless "vanish" and are not "mentioned".
With this FearLess Leader, they are being encouraged to be more visible. At least that's the way it
is here...