Yep...another SO

Thu Jan 17, 2013, 02:58 AM

So my 3rd-grade son asked me if there are any crazy people with guns near us.

His school has not mentioned Newtown. The shootings happened right after his elementary school closed for a 3-week Christmas break. When school resumed, the teachers did not talk about it with the kids. However, the kids know about it and have questions. Like my son, who wants to know if it can happen at his school. He knows that some "crazy man" shot a bunch of kids and teachers to death. What he doesn't know is if can happen at his school.

My son was watching President Obama on TV tonight talking about banning assault weapons and he was shocked that they were even legal. "Are there any crazy people with those guns near us?" he asked me. I said, "we live in very safe area. This happened clear on the other side of the country. Nothing bad has ever happened at your school. No one here would do such a thing. And the man who killed those kids is dead. He can't hurt anyone anymore." That seemed to satisfy him, as he said, "good" and went to bed. I know it was not the best answer, but I wanted to say something reassuring so he would not have nightmares.

It is outrageous that our kids should be worrying about someone blowing them away. It is unbearable that their fears are well-founded.
A probable FAIL.