I'm a dog owner. In the past, I've owned a German Shepard mix (not sure what it was mixed with), a male yorkie (deceased last summer), and I currently own a female yorkie that was given to us by my grandma. I've always loved these dogs and have cared for them as best as possible. I've also had experience working with rats (they were a class pet in my high school home room and fun to interact with). Generally, I like the company of having an animal companion, but I've never really had a "bad" pet... until now.

One thing I have never, not once had to deal with was owning a rabbit. It is literally the worst experience I have ever had with animals. Stewart, a little over a year old, was given to us by my sister. I can't imagine why anyone would want to burden themselves with such an abominable creature around their house, other than because they look cute. They are not interactive in the slightest, every time they are uncaged, they run under the bed and chew on your shoeboxes (this doesn't bother me so much as the fact that he will refuse to come out even when coaxed with food), and all they do is poop, poop, poop.

It doesn't help that their litter gets everywhere, or that they will smell up your entire bedroom, no matter how regularly you clean their cage. Does anyone else have similar stories of pets that are just no good?