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Glover's best scene was probably in "Lonesome Dove" when the Indian ran him through with a spear.

But given his early background, nothing more could be expected. His parent were early activists in NAACP, he worked as a community organizer, and was active in the Black Students Union, called George W a racist, and on and on.

He's an opinionated dingbat, nothing more.
Don't forget that other Rhodes scholar, Samuel L Jackson. What makes these ignorant Hollywood types think that they can make these great readjustments to history? Their interpretations leave more than a little to desire.

But Colin Powell has become a great disappointment. I thought he had more substance.

Tonight Mike Huckabee had an opening dissertation on character in relation to Lance Armstrong. He basically said what good does it do if we teach our kids to be smart, to evade situations, to make lots of money if they have absolutely no character nor concept of right and wrong.

Colin Powell should know better. He obviously is licking Obama's boots. A man of substance wouldn't do that. He shouldn't keep saying that he is a Republican. He isn't.