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    Last month, PolitiFact selected its "Lie of the Year." Given PolitiFact's dubious record of singling out Republicans for lying far more often than Democrats, you probably could have guessed the winner of this particular sweepstakes was a Mitt Romney campaign ad:

    It was a lie told in the critical state of Ohio in the final days of a close campaign -- that Jeep was moving its U.S. production to China. It originated with a conservative blogger, who twisted an accurate news story into a falsehood. Then it picked up steam when the Drudge Report ran with it. Even though Jeep's parent company gave a quick and clear denial, Mitt Romney repeated it and his campaign turned it into a TV ad.

    And they stood by the claim, even as the media and the public expressed collective outrage against something so obviously false.

    "Public expressed collective outrage"? That's essentially wishcasting on the part of PolitiFact, nor are they accurately representing what Mitt Romney said in the ad. In fact, here's PolitiFact's original "fact check" on the matter:

    [Mitt Romney] Says Barack Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China" at the cost of American jobs.

    Ok. Now here's what the Reuters reported earlier this week:
    Read More>

    Anybody that takes any of these liberal so called facts sites seriously should have their heads examined, they mix a little truth in to make you think they have credibility but with their agendas they are useless, that goes for Snopes too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    Given PolitiFact's dubious record of singling out Republicans for lying far more often than Democrats
    If the shoe fits.
    While you were hanging yourself , on someone else's words
    Dying to believe in what you heard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    If the shoe fits.
    If you lie about someone telling lies it is a lie.

    More importantly, if you say something without proof (or evidence to the contrary) not only is it a lie but now you're just a liar and a douche.

    See: Running a political campaign, Barry for more information.
    Be Not Afraid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    If the shoe fits.
    you mean like when Obama said he wasn't going to raise taxes on the middle class and yet in the past 20 days he raised taxes on the middle class? See, I can play baby games too.
    The American Left: Where everything is politics and politics is everything.
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    I can tell you guys for a fact that if any production is conducted in China (which is not certain at this point), not a single US job will be impacted.

    What's possibly going over there is Asian Pacific Rim orders that cannot be filled by the Toledo, OH Jeep assembly plant.

    The facility that currently produces the Wrangler is running at capacity, and not scheduled for a any capability expansion for at least another three years...

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