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The Tea Party people always say the "establishment" Republicans are RINOs, unworthy of support. Perhaps they should go ahead and formally create a third party. If conservatives are the majority, as you say, it should be a sweep for them once they have someone they can really support.
We already have a party. I dont think third party is the answer. We should take the republican party back. And I think it is happening little by little. From the grass roots. From the bottom up. Its a very slow process considering what we are now facing... but it is (seems to me) moving in that direction.

Speaking of which, democrats should do the same. They should take their party back from the radical leftists that have infected and hijacked it. Most dems that I know, have no idea just how radical the "leadership" really is. Its a shame, really. The media is apparently quite adept at enveloping their viewers and listeners in a cloud or veil of "blissful" ignorance and/ or misinformation.