Pat Buchanan: エThere’s a Lot of Myth About Tip O’Neill and Reagan Working Together. They Did Notエ

A common media theme since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in January 2011 has been that former President Ronald Reagan and former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill were great legislative partners despite being from different parties.

Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan threw some cold water on this notion on PBS’s McLaughlin Group Friday >>>

For myself, I've often wondered whether this supposed love affair between Reagan and O'Neill was a media exaggeration.

My recollection of that period was that the Democrats and their press minions fought Reagan much as they did George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Today, with a Democratic President and a Republican Speaker, it furthers the liberal agenda to make it seem that Reagan and O'Neill were such great legislative partners.

By this illusion assuming Buchanan is right - and I for one view Buchanan's historical acumen as beyond reproach - it puts pressure on current Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) to acquiesce to President Obama's wishes.

I wouldn't be surprised if years from now the media claim George W. Bush and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) were bosom buddies too. >>>


I wouldnt be surprised if the GOP sees these false news reports by the MSM (Ministry of Propaganda) and rather than educate the electorate as to the truth, just cower in a corner somewhere, as they continue as they always have these days, to allow the media and the marxist demogouge to dictate the narrative.