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Just imagine if she was caught with that assault like bubble gun and operating a lemonade stand in a pro life t-shirt!!!
She's clearly in violation of the limit on magazine size. That bottle looks like it holds enough for thirty bubbles. Nobody needs to shoot that many bubbles.

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I know that everyone can't do what we did (Quaker school and home school) but I would move heaven and earth to do it if I had to do it all over again. I told my sister, "I will deliver pizzas at night and home school in the day time before we send her to (our local elementary school). " I was serious. And it's a shame because generations of local children went there and thousands of local adults have fond memories of that school.

It's not the teachers union that is the problem. It really isn't. It's the politicians, judges, lawyers, civic activists, and ultimately the parents at these schools who put up with all of the crap. If American parents would simply say that they have had enough of these trashed schools, and keep their kids home then something would get done.
Teachers unions are part of the problem, because it's impossible to remove teachers who demonstrate this kind of idiocy, and because they have become gatekeepers to who gets into the schools. A buddy of mine applied for a teaching position in NYC several years ago. He's a published author with a bachelors in English, taught school in another state and had been subbing in the school that he applied for. He took the exam, which included an essay question on capital gains tax rates, and was told that he gave the wrong answer when he argued against raising them.

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However, if said child had yelled "allahu akbar" and pulled the cord on a make believe suicide bomb, nothing would have been done.
No, the other kids would have been subjected to mandatory sensitivity training for their Islamophobic reactions.

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I don't have a problem with schools punishing children for bringing squirt guns to school. My school did so, in 1981, long before there were school shootings to worry about. In this case, calling it terroristic is the problem, not suspending the kid for breaking the rules (with a 5 year old, a suspension is more of a punishment for the parents than the kid-and in this case, the parents should have enforced the school's rules).

Squirt guns lead to slips and falls. My high school banned them because they were being used to humiliate students, in particular, female students.
It's not a squirt gun, it's a bubble gun. It doesn't shoot liquid, and the school is completely insane for treating it as a weapon, just as another school punished a kid for pointing his finger and saying "kapow". It's not the object, it's the mindset, which they are trying to eradicate. They want children to hate and fear guns as much as they do.