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Sun Jan 20, 2013, 10:21 AM

I Just Cried

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Like a baby watching Vice President Joe Biden being sworn in. I cried because it just hit me, we escaped watching that dangerous other guy from being sworn in instead. I am so proud of Joe Biden. He really is deserving of his office.

I also cried because of Sotomayor. As a Hispanic myself, what a great honor and avcomplisment this moment was for million of us. I don't know her but seeing her there felt like if it was me up there.

With all its faults and disagrement we may have amongst each other, what an amazing country we live in!

God bless this incredible land.

Did this DUmmie just thank God?????

And then this dipshit showed up again...

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Sun Jan 20, 2013, 01:21 PM

28. Yes. It all started and gained respectability with ronald reagan.

That's why I personally despise him SO intensely. Our collective national mindset went straight up our own asses when he got his grubby paws on the reins of power. And because he was such an effective salesman with such a nice, friendly, folksy schtick that everybody loved and bought and embraced and swallowed whole and found to be utterly harmless and wonderful, the toxins were taken in. Easily, smoothly, and without a fight. Even welcomed. He was the new messiah - that would save us from FDR and the New Deal so we could be selfish and ignorant and hopelessly myopic and PROUD of it! And that horrible, selfish, thoroughly un-Christian "philosophy" he espoused and sold to America was rendered wonderful and respectable and desirable as could be. Because, by then, who cared even to remember WHY FDR was needed and WHY the New Deal was devised and implemented. Nobody gave a damn anymore and he made sure nobody felt like they HAD to.

It was like having an unruly, undisciplined, poorly-socialized child, and telling him or her that it's okay to be selfish and not to share your toys, and if you bullied somebody on the playground or pushed them down or snatched away their toy and stomped on it - that this was somehow okay, because for Pete's sake one doesn't dare do ANYTHING that might stifle them and/or fuck with their self-esteem.

He was poison embodied. Like a heaping tablespoon of sugar and honey with arsenic and depleted uranium concealed within. Sure went down the throat easily, though, and tasted mighty good at the time. ronald reagan was the worst thing that's ever happened to this country and its citizens and its mindset and indeed its very view of right and wrong. ronald reagan was worse for America than Osama bin Laden could ever have dreamed of being, on his "best" day.
What a detestable piece of shit...but of course, it's a DUmmie.