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    Quote Originally Posted by Unreconstructed Reb View Post
    LoonieNoonie, did you ever refer to Bush as The Chimp? Did you laugh when others called him The Chimp or when his head was photo chopped on a chimps body? What kind of opinions did you express about Sarah Palin? Were you one of those libtards that said that she should have aborted her Downs Syndrome child?

    My problem with the Comrade in Chief and his mooching wife are more than just politics; it's the survival of this country and the freedom that most of us hold dear for ourselves, our neighbors and our progeny. If calling her the Wookie pisses you off then good.

    As far as you, of all people, calling the Confederate Battle Flag traitorous I have three things to say about that: 1) there is nothing more traitorous to the USA and the Constitution than a left wing liberal/socialist/marxist/communist, 2) the Stars and Stripes flew over slavery far longer that any Confederate flag did and 3)

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    I am not a Sarah Palin fan, but I did defend her on the topic of Trig at DU-the 2008 election in general is why I don't post over there anymore. I never suggested that she should have had an abortion, and I repeatedly stated to the DUmmies that suggested he was Bristol's child that they were wrong and stupid to say that. Mainly, they were in denial that a baby with Down's is far more likely to be born to a 44 year old mother than a 17 year old. I think her kids are cute, too, especially Piper and Trig. I love people with Down's Syndrome, they are a blessing upon anyone lucky enough to meet them.

    I don't think I ever called Bush a chimp, but I'm sure I've called him Curious George on occasion. That's more based on his name than anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    SLW-do you refer to Michelle Obama as a "wookie" or use any other term that could be considered racially loaded by anyone who isn't a conservative? No, of course not, because your problems with the Obamas are based on disagreements over politics, for the most part. Do you use the traitor flag as your icon? No, because you don't think that the Confederacy and the institution of slavery for which it was willing to spill blood to defend is worth honoring 150 years after it was crushed.

    You are a better person than Unconstructed Reb.
    Thanks, Noonie, sorry to disappoint you, but my problems with the Obamas extend toboth disagreements over politics and the way that they conduct themselves. I think that they take great advantage over the taxpayers money and are racist toward the whites. I've sold to the federal, state and local governments and have worked more with more "minority" government workers than white workers. I've always gotten along and made many friends along the way. I don't like to think my attitude toward the Obamas is racist, but anytime someone says something about them, the "racist" stuff is thrown at you.

    I guess I don't know my Star Wars too well. I thought a wookie was just a Star Wars character. SR just explained it to me. I have called her that in the past, but didn't realize the connotation. I probably won't use it in the future, but still don't like her attitudes. I think she has a terrible attitude toward whites. Can you imagine if a white politician or wife rolled their eyes and acted as disrespectful at a large dinner as she did?

    And I don't view the confederate flag as racist. I was a history major in college and had courses (a loooong time ago) on the Civil War. I honestly believe it was more about economic power and the different ways of life between the north and the south. There are confederate flags flying in South Florida. I am originally from Missouri, a border state, so had people from both sides in the war as part of the background of the state. If you're originally from Michigan, you get quite a different attitude toward the confederate flag.

    Many of the people in the south revere their flag. I won't slam them for believing in their heritage. We can't look into their hearts and see their intent to be racist. I think almost everything now is portrayed by the current administration and the MSM as some sort of secret racist code. They've gone way too far and the Obama folks have pushed their rivals way too far. That talk about destroying the Republican party isn't exactly conciliatory.

    If folks here at CU get grumpy, it's because the push has been too hard and too insulting. I don't like taking it or rolling over for them like a beaten cur. It's not in my nature and hopefully not in the nature of our "leaders", cowards that some of them are.

    Right now folks are just getting more than grouchy and it's best not to push too hard.

    " To the world you are just one more person, but to a rescued pet, you are the world."

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!"

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    In all honestly, this red dress on Moochelle looks lovely. It's WAY better than the white shag dress she wore 4 years ago. But that may also be because I like the color red.

    I can't say she looks dignified however. I prefer the more conservative dresses worn by the former first ladies. I don't think a sleeveless dress at this type of "ball" is appropriate. It could be the conservative in me, but as usual, she doesn't know how to dress the part.

    The coat she wore outside, however, was beautiful.

    As for the fighting in this thread, Noonie, you started it. UnRec gave his opinion, and he's entitled to it. You jumped his bones because he attacked your girl by calling him ugly with no class and a paranoid delusional, on top of it.
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