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  1. #1 While the President dances, innocents mourn their dead, dead at the President's hand. 
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    While the President dances, innocents mourn their dead, dead at the President's hand.

    "These latest strikes in Yemen continue a noted escalation of US attacks that began near the end of 2012.

    As Agence France-Presse reports, "Monday's raid brings to at least 25 the number of people killed in US drone strikes since such assaults were intensified on December 24."

    As experts and human rights organizations continue to warn the Obama administration that such attacks are counterproductive—increasing, not lessening, al Qaeda's position in Yemen or elsewhere—the Washington Post's weekend report that the White House was "institutionalizing" the practice of assassination by drone with a new "playbook" was met with deep criticism."

    And we wonder why people around the world hate us and want to attack us. Hell, if my loved ones were dying while the President danced, I'd be looking for revenge myself. These drone attacks, this endless War on Terra is counterproductive in establishing good relations with people around the world.

    Hopefully this administration will come to its senses. Sadly, I don't think it will, which means sooner or later this will come back to bite us. Perhaps then we will finally learn this lesson that we've been learning and relearning for decades now.


    In DUmmyville President Bush was a cold blooded murderer for employing drones. But the murderer is a Democrat now so everything's groovy. Well, not quite. One has dared to complain about The Won and stirred up a ruckus. Look at all the born-again patriots on DU as long as it's a Dim doing the killing. The hypocrisy is stunning.
    What is considered a war crime by the progressives under a Republican administration is celebrated and defended because a Democrat statist is now president. President Bush took the fight to the jihadis because they attacked us repeatedly over the years with impunity, which led directly to 9/11. I firmly believe that Obummer, like Slick Willie before him, does it just for a poll bump.
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