I don't know if this is true, but it's kinda funny.

--> Important Special Note: This is part of the Transformer collection of a 34-year old former life-long friend of mine who shocked us all when he completely abandoned his wife and 8-year-old son for a 20 year old employee of his whom we found out he'd been sleeping with for the past 2 years. He left his family with no money, no support, and left sacks full of lies. He has paid absolutely nothing in court ordered alimony or child support over these last 12 months of their mandatory one-year separation (Virginia law) - all while he and his new hootchie take vacations and travel to concerts up and down the east coast.
So since he left most of his belongings at the marital home when he ran off with the new girlfriend, we in his former inner circle of friends have united to use our resources to help his wife in this situation. I am gathering his large collection of Transformers and other collectable memorabilia to sell and provide the family with some funds for bills and Christmas... and to eventually surprise this loathsome deadbeat husband when he eventually returns to find most of his prized toys have been legally sold by the same group of guys who were his closest friends for the last 25 years :)
Help us keep the family's lights on and rent paid, and enjoy knowing you got to assist in a 100% legal transaction that will justly infuriate this deadbeat @sshat :)

Want to help us twist the knife?
Winning bidder is welcome, and even encouraged, to send letters describing how much you enjoy his collection of Transformer memorabilia! Extra credit if you enclose photos with your letter (or email me the pic) of the collectibles that you won sitting in your home, on the kitchen counter, or in the hands of a happy child <- That alone will cause him to seizure :) All letters can be sent to my return shipping address that will be on your auction delivery, and feel free to leave off your return address to protect your anonymity :) Be sure to start your letters with "Dear Will," and then let your pen fly! Tell him all about the great deal you got on his [insert toy name here] and how much you are enjoying it! Feel free to tell him how much of an insult he is to all fathers and husbands across the world. We will collect all letters from these auctions and deliver them all to Will in one large bundle after the divorce is complete and finalized! Feel free to email any pics to me at the following email address, and we will print and attach them to your letters when they arrive! avrjjoe "AT" gmail "DOT" com
Childish and conniving? Probaby.
Vengefully therapeutic? Definitely..

Thanks for your help!

Before any one ask, I've got some old ones I'm inquiring on the current going price of before I sell them.