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  1. #1 Mali: The Fastest Blowback Yet in This Disastrous War on Terror 
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    Wed Jan 23, 2013, 08:33 AM

    Mali: The Fastest Blowback Yet in This Disastrous War on Terror

    Diabaly, 21 January 2013. ‘France is the last country to sort out Mali's problems, having created quite a few of them in the first place.' (Photograph: Arnaud Roin/ECPAD/EPA)

    To listen to David Cameron's rhetoric this week, it could be 2001 all over again. Eleven years into the war on terror, it might have been Tony Blair speaking after 9/11. As the bloody siege of the part BP-operated In Amenas gas plant in Algeria came to an end, the British prime minister claimed, like George Bush and Blair before him, that the country faced an "existential" and "global threat" to "our interests and way of life".

    While British RAF aircraft backed French military intervention against Islamist rebels in Mali, and troops were reported to be on alert for deployment to the west African state, Cameron promised that a "generational struggle" would be pursued with "iron resolve". The fight over the new front in the terror war in North Africa and the Sahel region, he warned, could go on for decades.

    So in austerity-blighted Britain, just as thousands of soldiers are being made redundant, while Barack Obama has declared that "a decade of war is now ending", armed intervention is being ratcheted up in yet another part of the Muslim world. Of course, it's French troops in action this time. But even in Britain the talk is of escalating drone attacks and special forces, and Cameron has refused to rule out troops on the ground.

    You'd think the war on terror had been a huge success, the way the western powers keep at it, Groundhog Day-style. In reality, it has been a disastrous failure, even in its own terms – which is why the Obama administration felt it had to change its name to "overseas contingency operations", until US defence secretary Leon Panetta revived the old title this week.

    I thought all the terraists were members of the BFEE!!!! Someone better slap Penetta in the chops!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    IslamoFascists are Anti-American, Anti-Western, Anti-intellectual, and Anti-Semitic; that's why the Moonbats like them.

    But they are also Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay, Anti-Arts, and Anti-Freedom; but the Moonbat ignor that, and support them anyway.

    Strange, DUers call this group, or that group "the American Taliban " , while at the same time supporting the real Taliban over their own troops.

    Fore the American Left, every conflict is " another Vietnam " and every terrorist group and tyrant is the new Ho Chi Min.

    Many people learn from the past, many people honor the past.

    Only the Moonbats choose to in live in the past and scorn reality.
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

    Keep your powder dry, your sword sharp and your wits intact.
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    According to the DUmmies ALL wars on terror are disasters. We must attempt to "understand" the Islamofacists and show them that we're really nice guys that mean them no harm. I know, lets start putting little red bows and smiley faces on our "gift" JDAMs and Hellfires. Perhaps a loudspeaker mounted on the underside of the Apaches so they can play the call to Allah on strafing runs. We've just got to be more culturally sensitive.
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    Cameron promised that a "generational struggle" would be pursued with "iron resolve".
    In a Western democracy, that has about as much chance of happening as me finding a vein of gold in my basement. Lack of staying power is the West's strategic weakness, the military leaders on both sides and the enemy's political leaders understand it quite well. Our own political leaders do not.
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