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  1. #1 Researcher Pumps Brakes on Notion of Cloning Neanderthals 
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    By Jason Koebler
    January 22, 2013
    The Internet began buzzing with thoughts of a "Paleolithic Park" and the return of cavemen after a leading Harvard University geneticist told Der Spiegel that, with the help of an "extremely adventurous female human," Neanderthals could be brought back from extinction.

    In the interview with the German magazine, George Church was careful to couch his comments and was asked to speak hypothetically, saying his job was to "determine what's technologically feasible," not to decide if cloning a long-extinct humanoid species would be a good idea.
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    Not necessary, we already have enough butt ugly liberal woman.

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    But were they really all wiped out? Some researchers believe that some may have mated with homo sapiens so their DNA might still be floating around.
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    Oh...this would end well. What could go wrong????
    May the FORCE be with you!
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