Fri Jan 25, 2013, 08:37 AM

global1 (10,298 posts)

If The Dems Made A Concerted Effort To Appeal To Rural Voters What Would You Recommend They Do?....

I was reading a post this a.m. that garnered a lot of responses about "why Dems don't do well in rural areas". It made me wonder - what could Dems do to appeal to rural voters to get their vote?

This got me to thinking about the problem Repugs have with minority voters, women, LGBT's, etc - and the Repugs now are talking about re-branding and changing their message to appeal to these groups going forward.

My feelings on that is that the Repugs might on the surface re-brand and change their message - but when it's all said and done - all it would be is lip service and as soon as they would get elected - they would revert back to their old ways. That you couldn't believe them or trust them to have really changed.

I'm thinking now after reading the long post and thread about "why Dems don't do well in rural areas" that the same goes for Dems in those areas. The Dems might be able to change their message to rural folks to appeal to them - but bottom line - I'm wondering if the rural folks would trust or believe the message?

So my question is - is there something really tangible that the Dems could do in order to appeal to rural voters? What would that be? and - Would that be a worthy endeavor?

Check out the DUmmies high regard for the lowly country folk. Based on what I saw in this thread I'd recommend that they stay in the city. But if they were really brave and wanted to drop by I'd recommend that they follow the time honored tradition of yelling "Hello the house!" from outside of the gate to avoid lead poisoning. Then once I'd heard them out and said "Not interested. Now get off my property.", I'd recommend they make tracks. Out here you have to work too damn hard at being self sufficient to even tolerate people that scorn the concept of self reliance.