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  1. #1 Another way to save the Democratic Party: Join the Democratic Socialists! 
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    Another way to save the Democratic Party: Join the Democratic Socialists!

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    Yes, the Democratic party does have a socialist faction. It isn't recognized by the party itself, but that's not necessary.

    The Democratic Socialists of America is a Democratic party group, produces a magazine called "Democratic LEFT" and works within the party to push Socialist initiatives.

    Many other socialist organizations (SPUSA, Socialist Alliance, etc) do not recognize the DSA as truly socialist, but then again, I doubt they recognize each other.

    The DSA is part of the Socialist International, which binds many socialist parties worldwide (UK Labour Party, Socialist Party of France, etc.)

    The DSA is for a social democracy, or democratic socialism - whatever you want to call it.

    We're trying to build the left back in the Democratic Party!

    And these are the adults in the room at DUmmyville. They talk of communism as if it's a sorority.
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