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Yes, Sibes require a daily brush and probably a weekly brush overhaul. Normally, in the North, they have two heavy shed "seasons"...but in Florida, they shed year round because of the obvious.

I am installing wood floors during the second week of February, mid tone to dark tone, wood, so hair will probably show a lot.

I now have 3 cats thanks to the rescue group I help out as I can proudly wear the foster failure label now...

Sibes are okay with cats if the they think they are part of the family, which can only happen if you get one as a puppy. I spoke with a Sibe rescue/breeder in Orange County Florida who said getting one at the puppy stage would be fine. He didn't recommend a rescue as he said even if the rescue was fine with cats he grew up with, he may not be fine with mine. Huskies also need a firm leader as they aren't trainable if they think you are weaker than they.

They certainly are a handful and I have read extensively about them...that's why I have doubts whether I'd be the right home for them.

My father has a neighbor with one who is very well behaved and I have a snowbird Canadian couple who bring their Sibes during the season in Florida...also well behaved.
They are also runners, and I am not. I could do daily walks with them but might not be enough to keep up with them.

I read about greyhounds too, supposedly great for people like me as they are also couch potatoes like me. But I am trying to be more active.
Greys need daily walks. They aren't really runners, know that sounds strange, but they run on the track for a short distance, then crash for a long time after their run in the cages, after being hosed down with cool water. Greys are definitely not marathon runners.

I've posted this pic before, but this is Bella. It's hard to tell, but she doesn't have the dark brown eyes of Darlene, but as a "blue" dog she's got eyes more like a weimariner, sort of a greenish color.