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    The Supreme Moonbat Bob Beckel is on O'Reilly and is once against tooting the tired line that Obama inherited a bad economy, and saying that the economy is better since Obama took office. How are we supposed to take these people seriously? It's got me believing more and more that Obama is truly the anti-Christ because of the sheer amount of people who swoon over him even though is he clearly the worst president ever to sit in the White House.
    "Inequality is a false notion propagated by those who are made to feel guilty for what they have by those who are jealous for what they don't"-Former MTV Host Kennedy
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    The position that "It's Bush's Fault", at this point in time, is just moronic. As far as I'm
    concerned, it marks you as a MoonBat and not to be taken seriously.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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