My chihuahua had a third round of vaccines yesterday including Leptospirosis vaccine. That did not go well. He was too sore at the injection site to touch, and he was not feeling well all day. He started coming out of it last night and today appears to be fine. I'm a little ticked off because the Vet didn't ask me if I wanted him to get this vaccine and certainly didn't tell me that he would be in pain and ill as a result of it until after he had done it.

But the real reason I am starting this thread is that the Vet's aid asked me to schedule "a full set" which would now be a FOURTH round of vaccines. This seems excessive. I suspect that they aren't counting the set that was done before I bought him. It was my understanding that the "fourth round" was simply a rabies shot so he can get tags. Do you think this is excessive?

Also, after reading up on what's involved, I am inclined to NOT have him fixed. I don't see any point in it. He's mostly an indoor dog and is never allowed to roam and never will be. If he has any contact with other dogs it will always be under supervision.