Was father of Newtown victim ‘heckled’ by pro-gun advocates?

MSNBC has told the Washington Post that it's reviewing its editing of a video that appeared to show gun rights advocates heckling the father of a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim during a state legislative hearing on gun violence....

But MSNBC's clip of the exchange on Tuesday omitted Heslin's open challenge to the audience. The cable network segment included a graphic that read, “Mocked and Loaded: Sandy Hook Victim’s Father Heckled by Gun Rights Advocates," to hammer home the point....

Twitchy, the website founded by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin, was among several to criticize MSNBC and other members of the "left-wing" media, like Piers Morgan, for selective reporting on the incident.

"What kind of sick, twisted mind HECKLES a man whose son was just murdered, as he begs for gun control?" Morgan wrote on Twitter. "Just unbelievable."

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MSNBC creatively edits a tape, creating a lie out of thin air, and every Liberal dope picks it up and runs with it as gospel. I won't hold my breath waiting for the retractions.

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