Hi to all my CU friends and friendly adversaries. I have been out for a while, most of which can be blamed on working a new job @13 hours a day. I also lost my computer to old age. Now I have to fight for time with the wife and I don't have much time now anyway.

I just got back from the Phoenix 1/2 Marathon where I ran my best time ever. I finished in 1:38:13 or 7:30 per mile. I felt great afterwards and we drove thru the night back to Colorado. I even went to work Monday @ 12:00. On Tuesday, I got a tummy ache. I rarely get them. Wed-Sat it got worse but I could relieve it some by reclining and slowing down. Sunday I was working on my Miata all day and went home feeling terrible. I took all I could stands and I could stands no more! Called the wife at work and told her to come home and take me to the ER. My appendix was really angry so it had to go. Today I feel much better and should be back to work Monday. Running is another story. Doc says 3-4 weeks of NO RUNNING. Is he nuts?