Why is that word still allowed in our language? It don't mean nothing. Here is websters definition of it:

relating to, or involving members of two parties <a bipartisan commission>; specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties
In politics you got the lying sneaky democraps on one side and spineless wavering republican, go further. You got mindless moonbat liberals with pie in the sky needs and wants and you got conservative, lets get back to our principals. Ain't no bipartisan crap gonna work there!

Have any two opposite side ever ever been bipartisan and if they did, did it work like it was supposed to! HA!

Cowboys and Indians, nope.
Good and evil, nope
Law abiding gun owners and loony gun grabbers, nope.
GLBTWXYZ disgustoids and God fearing Humans, nope.

Cooperation, agreement, and compromise, never gonna happen and when they say it did happen it is a catastrophy!

Rant over!