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I see Lube's John Birch society underpinnings are beginning to show. Looks like his views on Israel and Morsi's in Egypt are one and the same.

Wonder how he feels about the attack on the USS Liberty?
strawman, red herring. You gonna go down the anti'-semite road too? Haven't seen this much Political correct BS since I was in the DUmmie threads... LOL.

Graham is a POS. Hagel's not perfect but he's better than anyone else in that position over the last 18 years. I'll take a Pat Buchanan and ANY prior George Bush Chicken Hawk conservative who never served.

AKA Graham, or Boehner, or Kristol

Boy you guys sure are getting your panties in a wad cause you think the jig is up and the parties over for your buddies at TWS. Too bad...so sad...you had 10 years to get it right.

Obama's probably gonna drop Hagel anyways in the next weeks cause the fire is too hot from both sides so chillax.