Fri Feb 1, 2013, 01:01 PM

IdaBriggs (5,571 posts)

Somebody hates me. I'm good with it. I'm not afraid.

This is one of the comments left on the petition I set up asking JC Penney's to stop "open carry" in their stores.

fuckyougungrabbers gunownersunite SPRINGFIELD, AZ · about 5 hours ago · Like Liked 0 ^ Delete comment
Never mind
This loon is a member of democrap underbelly, a extreme leftist blog, and is no more of an american than the vile porch monkey "president" they love. This effort to shred the Constitution is standard leftist mouth diarreah they spew anytime there is a pool of blood to dance in. She and others of her ilk have a deep seated hatred for anyone who decides they want to defend themselves and family with modern firearms. Rest assured their agenda is nothing more than the total disarming of America, and have no more regard for the safety of the average citizen than the mass killers themselves. They are merly pushing an agenda of the left to garner more control over the public. The more they push this agenda the closer we come to the civil war that is brewing. We as Americans are sick of the constant chipping away of our rights by these scum. The day JC Pennys posts a sign prohibiting firearms, is the day millions of law abiding citizens will quit spending their money there.

I guess a lurker saw this thread: and decided to "share" his thoughts. He is obviously a racist (I deleted his first comment set which featured "N"-lover), then saw this one.

Since he threatens "civil war", I think it is safe to assume he is also a treasonous worm. I can tell he is also a coward, because I am confident his momma didn't give him the name he uses on the petition.


If you are reading "gunownersunite" I want you to know the filth you spill isn't going to stop this petition. Stepping up and asking people to do the right thing, and organizing to make it happen, is what America is all about.

DU'ers, have you signed my petition to stop "open carry" at JC Penney's? If not, will you? And will you help me find other people who want to help, too?

Here's her original scaredy cat rant. Seems poor Ida got a little rattled when someone OC'd in an OC legal state. Now she has nightmares about people excercising a Constitutional right. But it's all good. Her fellow statist gun grabbers have got her back!

Oh, and by the way Ida, I hate you too.