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  1. #1 Does Free Republic have a lounge? What do they do in there? 
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    This is kinda amusing...

    CreekDog (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-10-08 07:30 PM
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    Does Free Republic have a lounge? What do they do in there?

    JackBeck (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-10-08 07:35 PM
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    4. I'm convinced that freepers use our humble home
    to make contact with actual normal human beings.
    It's so cute that they think they're normal. And human.

    But I really started this thread so I could show you guys this:

    mycritters2 (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-10-08 09:58 PM
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    17. Just did. Nothing on FR. But I once found myself mentioned
    on that other website. They were laughing at me.
    [insert crying smilie]Bastids.
    We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with.... no yeah, we're pretty much laughing at you all :D
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