Fri Feb 1, 2013, 02:34 PM

Notice to the Democratic party....

Dear Democratic party,

I realize it's early days yet.......but I'd like to put you on notice. There is a distinct possibility that Hillary Clinton will make a run for the White House in 2016. She hasn't announced and isn't likely to for sometime.......but Super Pacs are forming and there's lots going on behind the scenes. In the event she really doesn't run, you're in the clear Democratic party......BUT if she announces (and I think she will), I am putting you on notice that I and many others who support Clinton will not stand still for the tactics that played out during the Democratic Primaries last time around.

I will not stand by and allow attacks on Hillary Clinton's character. I will not stand by if I see misogynist remarks from other Democrats. I will not stand by as back room deals are made to threaten super delegates to switch their support. I will not stand by as various Democrats start backstabbing to try and gain control of the Democratic Party and set it marching to their own agenda. I will not stand by if all the bullshit, lies, sexist remarks and rancor, media hype, etc gets thrown out there again.

I have a long memory. I have supported the causes and agenda of the Democratic party for a long time now. I realize there will be many candidates initially in the fray.......but let's face it Clinton is a a big name and she's a front runner. If I see all the guns blazing for her in the same manner of the last primaries ....I and many others are going to come out swinging and this time we will not back down or shut up 'for the good of the party'.

And one more thing............don't start telling us that Clinton will be too old or throw out the old SCOTUS consolation prize. If she decides to run then I am behind her 100%. The job she's done the past 4 years as SOS is beyond astounding. After 8 years of GWB destroying America's reputation around the world..........she has managed to restore it in 4 years..........and traveled over a million miles to do it. She was a damned good Senator and IMHO the best SOS this country has had in my lifetime. If she runs for President, she's got my vote and I've got her back. I won't put up with all the nasty BS from last time. I won't put up with any of it.

You're on notice.

Man!!! That'll teach the DUmmies!!!