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  1. #1 "We're gonna have a surprise lockdown this week." 
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    The scum of DU strike again...

    Tue Feb 5, 2013, 09:13 AM

    "We're gonna have a surprise lockdown this week."

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    That was the first grader while putting on her wraps just now.

    Kindergartner: "We practiced lockdown yesterday."

    Grandma (been here for 3 weeks helping out): "What do you do during a lockdown."

    First-grader: "The teacher closes the curtains and we sit in our desks and don't make a sound until we have permission."
    (OK...maybe this really happened. Maybe.)

    Grandma, who understands the need for the preparedness and safety of classrooms in thistwisted nation of ours, feels like crying and shouting in anger and frustration and in anger at the gun lobby and their minions and our worthless politicians right and left who subject our babies to this culture of fear and its accompanying threat (Never miss a chance to knock your home.). In many ways, this is worse than the hiding under the desk drills we went through as children during the Cold War. The USSR had more sense than to actually unleash nukes. (Praise your homes enemy, check!) This gun culture contributes to people who actually act out. I don't think those two little kids really understand what they are being prepared for but are good children who will listen to their teacher. When my daughter comes back from taking them to school, I'll be asking her if she has a sense of what has been told to kids at school about why they do these drills. I'm sure some explanation has been given. It just makes me furious that any has to be given at all. That we have allowed the bad and the ugly to run this nation. The gangs of DC. (OMG!!! Ban it!!! It has dared to be critical of Lord Obama and his minions!!!!!!)

    Boy, between the posts on guns and the Super Bowl, the DUmmies have just been in a frenzy!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Didn't homeland security release a video about what to do if you are being attacked by a gun?

    [edit] Yep, here it is. They actually say to Run, Hide, and Fight! What a bunch of crap ..


    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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