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  1. #1 Bolivia Passes Law Declaring Mother Earth has Equal Status 
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    When are the DUmmies moving???

    Fri Feb 1, 2013, 10:40 PM

    Bolivia Passes Law Declaring Mother Earth has Equal Status

    ** I'm looking forward to the day that our government treats Latin American left leaning governments with respect, this is certainly a superior culture to one where "corporations are people, my friend".

    Law of Mother Earth expected to prompt radical new conservation and social measures in South American nation

    Bolivia is set to pass the world's first laws granting all nature equal rights to humans. The Law of Mother Earth, now agreed by politicians and grassroots social groups, redefines the country's rich mineral deposits as "blessings" and is expected to lead to radical new conservation and social measures to reduce pollution and control industry.

    The country, which has been pilloried by the US and Britain in the UN climate talks for demanding steep carbon emission cuts, will establish 11 new rights for nature. They include: the right to life and to exist; the right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to balance; the right not to be polluted; and the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered.

    Controversially, it will also enshrine the right of nature "to not be affected by mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities".

    "It makes world history. Earth is the mother of all", said Vice-President Alvaro García Linera. "It establishes a new relationship between man and nature, the harmony of which must be preserved as a guarantee of its regeneration."

    Maybe this is where bobbolink moved to!!! Praise Gaia!!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    So in other words, no firewood for the winter, no hunting and no fishing.

    When a person dies from the cold or hunger, a Moonbat cracks a smile.
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    I they can't dig the hole to burry the body, and if they can't use anything to start the fire for cremation; what do they do with the dead bodies? Wow ..

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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    Damn, some dude is going to be gang raped in prison now because he decided to take a leak in the woods.
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