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Sun Feb 3, 2013, 08:10 AM

Homelessness: Still Not Getting It


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Still Not Getting It
By James Armstrong II
OpEdNews Op Eds 2/2/2013 at 15:16:14

What those who say would like to help with the "homelessness" in this nation should do is hire reasonably intelligent homeless people (like me) to be liaisons between them and those afflicted. Because what I read every single day shows the disconnect. And I do not believe it is intentional, although the reasoning seems to be that of comfort level... or lack thereof, rather... of those saying they want to help and the general proximity of those they are claiming to want to help. There is a chasm between us and those "helping."

Yeah, that's a back-handed way of saying we need better communication, but it's the only thing that people seem to notice. You have to slap people in the face these days, otherwise they do not listen to you. You have to grab them and shake them... you know, like a baby. Are you paying attention now? (Ahhhh, I see!! You have to insult and attack people!!! Isn't that just soooo kute???) This is what you have to do, everyone. You have to shock people into reacting. And usually, those reactionary types never seem to understand the problems this issue faces. So it may just be punitive... I dunno. But let's take a solid look at this problem: and the very first issue of homelessness comes from the general public and the perceptions that homeless people deserve what they have received.

This flawed philosophy has to die. The Ayn Rand "People" are pushing this agenda. No matter what side of the aisle you exist, to blame those afflicted with this unwanted stigma and situation, that has to end. The Hyper Moralist, or Republican,(Ahhh again!!! So ONLY ReThugs push agendas or are "phony"!!! Yeah...right. Sorry Bingo, but I see a ton of Libtards at my local Whole Foods who want nothing to do with bums and for good reason. Sorry if that hurts your precious feelings) by another name, has to stop using phony Christianity to push their agenda. I call it "'phony' Christianity" because it is. Jesus would never advocate blaming homeless people for their predicament. That philosophy is not Christian. And anyone holding that belief should not be allowed power in any system of government. There needs to be a separation of church and state anyway, so the last thing we all need is someone wielding power through a religious-puppet philosophy. Especially if that ('Christian') philosophy has been hijacked by extremists.

After you get rid of those elements, you then focus on getting the homeless a place of residency. If you want to take care of the home less... find them homes. Yeah, I know... you say "that's an oversimplification!" Maybe. Sometimes the best options are the most obvious ones, no? And, if you can't manage that... a place for them to congregate without the fear of some sort of Moral Hammer being levied upon them, you're part of the overall problem.

In case you DUmmies have forgotten, your precious bobbolink, homeless DUmmie extraordinaire, was offered a free apartment years ago and the dipshit turned it down! Yep, she said "NO"!!! It wasn't good enough. I believe she had some bullshit execuse that even you DUmmies saw thtough but God forbid you disagree with bobbo the hobo, you get attacked!

Hey DUmmies, why hasn't your God Lord Obama waved his hand and given all "homeless" a condo in Boca??? Hmmm????