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I swear, there are some days that reading DU just makes my skin crawl.

A lot of those people are just detestable...
I'm amazed to see this post. I keep saying that reading DU is a waste of time and have never looked at it. I hate thinking that there are as many people with that mindset. Life is too short to waste it on detestable people. It's tough enough getting through the Obama reign of terror without reading the crap from the type of people who voted him back into office.

Back to the subject at hand, just read that the person accused of killing Chris was a vet with PTSD that he and his friend were trying to help. It sounds like they had gone to the range, trying to help the guy, who turned on them. Everything about Chris even in the MSM seems to be saying what a good guy he is, how much he's been doing to help vets.