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What NBC did to Zimmerman is 100 times worse because in the Rathergate thing, no matter what, Bush wasn't going to lose. However, what NBC did to Zimmerman is affecting his life to the degree that he could have been murdered in his own right. As it stands right now what they did and the backlash from the race pimps influenced the DA to press charges instead of him getting off on the stand your ground law. If he is acquitted, he will be a marked man all thanks to NBC.
Bush's life wasn't on the line and had the resources to fight back.

I'm still not saying Zimmerman is completely innocent, but I hate seeing people convicted by the media before they get their day in court. I also think that Zimmerman feels remorse for the death of Trayvon, whatever level of criminal responsibility he has or does not have, and don't think he deserves to die at the hands of an angry mob, whether he committed a crime or not. NBC inflamed a bad situation at the least, and tried to manipulate the justice system at the most.