Texas Lawmakers Blast ‘Anti-American’, ‘Anti-Christian’ Curriculum

Texas lawmakers are putting educators on the hot seat after public school curriculum surfaced that promoted Islam and socialism while deconstructing American values and patriotism.

School children were exposed to lessons that labeled the Boston Tea Party an act of terrorism. They were also instructed to create flags for socialist and communist countries. And they were also given in-depth lessons in the Islamic faith that included classroom readings from the Koran.

“They are indoctrinating our children to hate America,” said Janice VanCleave, of Texas Education Patriots. “Texans are embarrassed about this.” >>>

VanCleave told Fox News the curriculum was meant to indoctrinate children while denigrating American heroes.

“American heroes are being vilified,” she said, recalling one particular lesson that alleged police officers found drugs in Paul Revere’s home.


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