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We are fucking broke, my friend. We have zero money...Unless we radically change the role that the federal government plays in our lives we will not only lose our liberty under the heavy hand of tyranny, we will be a third world tyranny amidst a world of third world tyrannies.

In short, it's the economy, stupid.
Then instead of telling the Right to stay out of your bedroom you should be telling the Left to stay out of your wallet.

As I've previously stated about disregarding social issues:

All that would do is let the Dems define the social issues. Look beyond your hatred of religion and see why that would be a disaster.

Stay out of the bedroom? Fine. No more gay pride parades, free condoms at schools, don't bother me about paying for your pill or Plan B, defund Planned Parenthood immediately and return the legality of abortion to the states....for starters.
If you want nothing to do with social issues then denounce those I just listed, otherwise you give them tacit approval.