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This is also why no enemy would be successful in invading our country. Movies like the 2 Red Dawn's were a tad unrealistic as they portrayed the American citizenry as submissive with the exception of a group of high school students. If an enemy like North Korea had the nads to invade, the only place they could secure would be California and even that's iffy because I'd be surprised if those heavily armed street gangs were so submissive to an invading force. This is the reason why the left and the leftist world hates us because unlike them, if we're invaded, we'll fight back as well as our military. China has a large army? Bring it on because along with the military, we have about 30 million armed citizens to chip in.

Isn't Orange County pretty conservative? They named their airport after John Wayne!

The Orange County conservatives, the northern California pot farmers and the gangs of LA would probably form quite an armed welcoming committe to any invaders from the east. Not to mention all the Navy installations in San Diego and military bases elsewhere in CA.