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The general saying that though is a HUGE Obama supporter/defender so take it with a grain of salt.
The thing Panetta and General Dumpster got away with in their testimony was that they weren't pressed after they said "Oh, that takee rong time, no can do" because the follow-up should have been along the lines of "What was the designated QRF, when was it notified, how close was it to emplaning, when were the naval and air force air assets in range notified, what steps were you taking to establish commo with the consulate, and how far along was all this when the consulate fell and you told everyone to stand down?"

The answer appears to be that they did exactly NONE of those things, they never intended to do ANYTHING even if the building held out for a week, and so never issued ANY orders to respond. It also appears that every senior officer in the region who tried to get any sort of response up was fired right afterward.

Panetta's already gone and so really untouchable. Dempsey should be relieved and retired for gross dereliction. He won't be, of course, because he is loyal to the regime much more than he is to his oath, his service, or his honor.