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I suppose that this will be more palatable than the facts, which are that Dorner is a liberal who favors gun control, loathes the NRA, is a fan of Obama, MSNBC, gay marriage and Piers Morgan. So, when will the calls for introspection and civility from MSDNC and Piers come out?
He's the perfect liberal, except for the fact that he loves George H.W. Bush and served in the Navy.

According to his former superior, Teresa Evans, Dorner started acting more oddly after coming back from Iraq. He apparently burst into tears in the patrol car because LAPD rejected his request to reassign him for retraining after he returned from Iraq. His odd behavior caused Evans to warn him that it would affect his evaluation if he didn't shape up. Six days after her warning, Dorner reported Evans for use of excessive force. LAPD obviously saw Dorner's report as retaliation. Dorner was actually fired from LAPD for lying about another officer.