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Thu Feb 7, 2013, 11:45 AM

Some things about the USPS

Might help connect dots for some.

They are the second largest employer in the US, with the largest unionized workforce

Vets and minorities are a large part of the work force. In fact, African Americans found work at the post office when there was no other employer.

It is one of the few middle class jobs still remaining for people without a college degree.

They service rural areas that are out of reach for both UPS and FedEx. In fact, they carry the burden for those two through last mile delivery. Yes, by contract. Funny shit, at times last mile includes very urbanized downtown urban cities.

Small businesses depend on the USPS. Their rates are reasonable. In fact, Netflix was built around the USPS.

Zero dollars of your tax money go to the postal service. It is funded through the sale of mail services, yet...any mail rate increases, first, second or third, fourth et al, have to be approved by Congress. It might com as a surprise, but getting that authorization is like pulling teeth...never mind higher operational costs due to fuel...did I mention they got one of the largest vehicle fleets in the country? They take turns with Walmart.

UPS has contributing with quite a bit of quid to Daryl Issa's campaign...did I mention he's the Chairman of the committee and he won't let any bill out of committee? Last year the Senate passed such a necessary bill, Issa did not allow it to be heard in committee in the House. This is not a conspiracy, this is reality.

But, If the postal service did not have this poison would be in the black right fucking now.

Unions good!!! UPS & FedEx...Bad!!!

Some try and correct Parrot Breath but she has sent them to IGNORE!!!!